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We are a Civil and Structural Construction Contracting organization with our Office in Bharuch, Gujarat, have a rich experience of more than 4 years in executing high quality, large magnitude, time bound projects for various Public Sector Units .

Industries worked for

  •  Manufacturing including heavy Engineering

  •  Oil and Gas – Refining, Marketing and Retail

  •  Material Handling

  •  Pharmaceuticals

  •  Premix Plants and Food Processing

  •  Commerce & Retail – Commercial Buildings, Malls and Multiplex, Institutional Buildings

  •  Earthwork and Roads

  •  Chemicals, Agrochemicals & Pesticides

  •  Housing and Education

Types of Works

Industrial Complex including

  •  Land Development Work I.e.  Land Grading, Cutting   And Filling

  •  Boundary Wall

  •  Rigid (RCC) and Flexible (Bituminous) Pavements

  •  Pipe Sleepers And Culverts

  •  Structural Steel Gantries And Sheds

  •  Plant And Non-Plant Buildings in RCC and Structural   Steel

  •  Reservoirs

  •  Plant Drainage Through Storm Water Drains

  •  Water Supply And Drainage Network Of Entire Complex

Pharmaceutical Projects including all Epoxy and PU Finishing items​

Plant Works including Technical Equipment Foundations, Pipe racks, Pavements, Cable Trenches, Compressor House including Compressor Foundations, Substations, Large Span Sheds, etc

Earthwork for Canals and Land Development

Administrative Complex and Institutional Buildings, University Complex including Hostel Blocks, Professors Quarters, etc

Retail space ie Mall including infrastructure development

Mass housings and townships having high quality architectural detailing including roads, area development, plumbing, drainage, electrification, etc.

Petrol and Diesel Retail Outlets

Mass Concrete Demolition in stringent safety requirement areas.


Mechanical Piping Fabrication and Erection Works

Industries Worked For
Types Of Work
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